cat nation portrait series

A series of 50 portraits of my friends and loved ones for a gallery show to be held in May-June 2014.



  1. Love the watercolours and the combination of process! You cover such a large range of emotions from each of your subjects.

  2. Stacie Noel

    Stunning portraits! You are a wizard with colours and textures, and have captured the essence of each person’s personality!

  3. Biafia Slemon

    A look at the images and find myself drawn into a moments of woeful far-off daydreams, grace, and playfulness in this colorful group people.
    I love how Kamilla maintains her style while each portrait has it’s own unique tone that allows the personality of the person to shine through.
    The excitement I feel for this show is unbelievable and I eagerly await the opportunity to finally hang the portrait Kamilla did of us on my wall.

  4. Awesome textures and colors! So interesting and unique series

  5. Missy Cohen

    Kamilla’s creative license with my portrait was absolutely surreal. I’ve never looked so dreamy in my life. ?

  6. Yen

    looks great, can’t wait to see it in a gallery setting

  7. Kelly Dee

    Such an interesting portrait series, the one of Missy is truly my favorite (followed by my own!) Meow!

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